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Beauty Drip And Push IV Sets

Make Them Guess Why You're Glowing


We have a number of Beauty Drip & IV Push Kits help you get noticeably healthy and glowing fair skin with a boost of vitamins.


🌸 Queen Vita Gluta Set

The powerhouse infusion that contains a mix of glutathione, Vitamin C, ALA and B Vitamins that helps maintain nerve health, boosts the immune system and feeds the body with nutrients to combat fatigue.


🌸 European Beauty Gluta Set

A combination of glutathione, Vitamin C and charged with ALA, this infusion will help fight signs of aging, even-out skin tone and will surely give you that extra radiant and youthful skin.


🌸 Queen Drip Gluta Set

This skin brightening infusion has glutathione, Vitamin C and ALA that will help hydrate skin, improving it's firmness and give you a lustrous glow.

🌸 Queen Push IV Gluta Set

Contains glutathione and Vitamin C, this infusion set will be your stress-busting arsenal to flush-out toxins and fight the damaging effects of free radicals.

🌸 Snow Flower Bloom Package

The new breakthrough in Korean skin care with a Time Bridging formula that brightens skin, moisturizes and lifts skin. 


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