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Whitenz Softgel Capsules - Box of 30s'

Radiant and glowing skin, from head to toe, for only P33 pesos per capsule? Yes! Only with Whitenz: Oral Glutathione.

Whitenz is a dietary capsule that cleanses and detoxifies your inside from harmful toxins.

With ingredients that were outsourced directly from Japan, see visible results even at one (1) capsule a day only! 

✅ The only oral glutathione in the market that has both Vitamin C and Collagen.

✅ Detoxifies and cleanses your liver

✅ Naturally whitenz your skin, which evens out skin complexion.

✅ Reduce breakouts, acne, and pimples.

✅ Prevents premature skin aging, look younger each and every day.

✅ See visible results in just a month even at one (1) capsule a day!