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This is the ONE AND ONLY SHOT you’ll ever need. 

It has the MOST BENEFITS you will ever find in the market today. Powered by L-Carnitine, it oxidizes fats (burned) to create energy. 

As a result of these key functions, fat is burned easily, energy is increased, and performance is enhanced, to name a few.


✅ Lessen your effort to burn excess fats 


✅ Boost the body with extra energy


✅ Get that lean muscle mass you’ve been trying to gain


✅ Serves as an anti-oxidant as well


✅ Green tea + orange flavor


✅ 20 shots per box


✅ See visible results in a (1) month or less! 


✅ Reduces cognitive stress and fatigue (mental health), which will help you to be productive every day.